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just started this, happy it's finally available on mac, but how does right clicking (ie to customize ur character) work on mac?

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Finally got around to trying this out from the mass bundle.  Very cute and whimsical, nice touches on the character designer... but there's no sense of danger or risk like in other restaurant sims and there doesn't seem to be any real effect on how you set up your cafe and the food you serve.  As an exploration adventure game it feels better.  The ultimate payoff is nice but the game as a whole feels half done.  I definitely would play another game by you though!  The few bugs and wonky camera aside it was a well programmed relaxing low-risk game.

The fact that you can't cram your cafe with more animals is a little disappointing but I can't stop laughing at the idea of someone coming to a cafe and slowly realizing that there's... unusual animals running around.  A crow can get a pass and a capybara raises an eyebrow, but the moment the patron realizes there's a polar bear pacing around outside has them choking on their pastry.

...and admittedly I have no idea how to make this poor arctic dog stop no-clip revolving around me.  I thought the float potion would let it hover off the ground but nope, its doomed to a cursed existence.  I can only escape it for so long before its back in orbit around me.

Edit: Oh and quick warning for anyone who goes to touch that one cat on the city's rooftops: don't.  Maybe it was a bug but I wasn't able to pick it up and after that the game acted like I had an animal in my arms.  The bug was fixed by saving and reloading the game from the main menu.

The controls on the game are a little janky, but it's serviceable. I'm actually a little curious what it looks like when you have every animal in the Cafe.

I've just started the game. The controls (keyboard and mouse) seem to be impossible to rebind or I am missing something? 

I got stuck on a hill and cant move. I was going to make a new save file. Its telling me to delete my save file. There doesn't seem to be a in-game way to do that. Also idk why it cant just replace my current save file :(. IDK what to do i just currently cant play at all

If you ever get stuck, use the return home potion. I'm pretty sure the mayor gives you one at the start of the game.

I love this game so muchh! Its really rare to find games like this and oh my god, Im so glad I found this onee! Theres a few bugs here and there but it doesnt stop me from enjoying all of it! Hopefully, there will be more quest and characters to meet. Thank you for creating this game, dev!


I completed this game moments ago, finishing all quests and finding all animals. This game is so calming and relaxing it's a good way to take my off off my worries and de stress. Environments are fits the overall theme of the games and the animals are so cute and great to have in your party traveling with you. I played using a controller and it's definitely the way to play. Being given a bonus way to travel around at the end of the game makes it easier to enjoy the environment too. There's definitely something for everyone in this game.

I LOVE this game. If you're like me and love cats and cute things, you NEED to play it. I livestreamed myself playing it and had way more fun than I expected. I got it in a bundle, so it was pretty cheap, but it's definitely worth the full price. There are so many cute animals and so many ways to interact with them. Thank you to everyone who was involved in creating it. I'm looking forward to future updates.

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I really enjoyed this game. nearly drove myself mad trying to figure out how to get through all of it, and sometimes the controls were cantankerous, but it was a really good time and I find myself reaching for it a lot!

Short, but enjoyable. The controls felt weird though. Very happy that it didn't trigger my motion sickness though. This is such a lovely game! <3

Thank you so much for patching the clothing store freeze in 1.07; that was a bug that halted my early game and it's now working just fine. Am in love with the soundtrack and good vibes so far!

This is such a cute game! The customization is wonderful, the cast is sweet and endearing with such lovely designs, the cats are adorable, the watercolor textures are absolutely stunning...I only feel like I finished it too quickly! I'll be checking back for updates often, I hope there's more to come.

Most issues I have are probably well known or already spoken about, so there's not much I can really say here that hasn't been said already.


I finished playing this game entirely in three days, completing all the quests. I am absolutely in love with this game and I seriously, SERIOUSLY hope that more things can be added in the possible near future, like more quests, characters or even a map extension. I'm really sad that I finished this game so quickly, its become such a comfort game for me.

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This game is really cute, and while I was entertained I really wish there was more substance to it. Adorable and entertaining game, but it's not super polished/needs a bit more substance. Would probably be great with multiplayer!

(Just a personal nitpick, but I was kind of unsatisfied with the character customization. There's no real intricate clothes/hair like the NPCs have, and a huge lack of masculine or even gender neutral options. There's no problem with being feminine! But it's kind of tough on those -like me- who don't want to present that way! :'0 )


This game is literally the best game I have ever played. I have had zero issues with bugs etc, it runs very smoothly. You can ride giant cats and customize an adorable cafe with tons of different styles of furniture!! I am so obsessed with this game !!

Is anyone else experiencing a glitch where you can't get out of the furniture arranging menu after placing down the furniture the Mayor gives you? I've tried everything and can't make progress because of it.

I get this glitch sometimes T.T

I know this post is really old but for anyone else- I had my accept/cancel buttons flipped in that one option and it wouldn't let me place furniture, but when I unchecked it worked


Bought this in the indie bundle. 

I'm so frustrated with this game I started played for a few hours the game crashed and lost all my progress. The controls are not easy to use. Why does the camera not move with the character it's so frustrating to walk and have the move the camera angle at the same time. The graphics are cute but they could use some work. I love the idea of running a cat cafe, the animals are so cute but the game feels unpolished and unfinished it needs a lot of work. Was hoping to buy this for switch if I liked the game but untill all these bugs are fixed I won't. 

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I love this game so far hahaha. the style of the backgrounds is sooo pretty, I love the running animations i look like a toddler running around. i love that I can wiggle cats around, and the jiggle physics of the cats are hilarious. this is such an endearing game. i am having a lot of issues with customizing my character though, none of the color changes I make load in the game despite still showing up on my character screen. they all load as white in-game

are u gonna release the mac version here? i bought the bundle and was really looking forward to playing this one :[


Got this in the current bundle, loving it way more than I thought I would. If I wasn't so much of a man this game would probably turn me into a femboy.

how do u change the audio volume??? it hurts my ears every time i launch the game lol


if you go to the settings while in-game (not the start screen) there's a sound option where you can change what you'd like :)


I play this game with my daughter and we both love it


Love this game!! Super cute, and the character design is adorable. My only gripe would be character customization-it's darn near impossible to make your character look anything but femme. I love the range of animals you can pet and the spells are adorable. Will be recommending around °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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Got this in the bundle currently available; thanks to a friend.

Really needs more male/nonbinary customization options, as well as better body modifications; even at the flattest settings & lowest cinch the body is just too feminine to be comfortable for me. Please update this at the very least. Not everybody who plays this game is a girl or feminine presenting.

[ I am not denouncing those who are, but I would like to enjoy this game too without experiencing dysphoria/disassociating. ]

An odd nitpick, but it would be nice to be able to modify the character's ears as well, you can change the nose barely; can't remove it or change nose type either, why can we not either remove, change, or pick a style for ears; such as pointy ears, something.

Could do with more neutral poses too . . . They all just feel a bit off & none seem purely neutral & absolutely none are masculine.

Also curious if a steam key will ever be included down the line.

I want to try & enjoy this game, but in it's current state I cannot play it.


Super fun and cute game! I loved it!


Would you mind adding a steam key to this? It's okay if you don't wanna. I just like getting achievements haha. 


Will the Mac version come to itch? I know it's on Steam and was hoping to be able to play through here.


I got the bundle hoping to play it as it's on my wishlist on steam. I didn't check the OS bc I thought it was the same. Any way y'all will post the Mac version so I can play?


I wish i was able to play. I'm having an issue with the very first screen- the enter button doesn't work to put in my name- no other key works, either. I've messed with the settings and I still can't figure out how to get it to run.

maybe try using a controller? or a keyboard if u are using a controller.


Will the mac version be released here on Itch?


Hey I really love this game but it seems that it has been updated a lot on steam and not here. I was wondering if I need to buy the steam version to get updates?


Loved it! Been following the development of the game for a while and it's super cute. Excited to play more and learn about what it's like to live in this sweet little world. 


omg, the art style is the cutest

Calico is 100% adorable - I love the characters and the animals are all so sweet! I'm enjoying the quests and learning everyone's personalities too.

I would appreciate a quick travel mode though, because it feels like I spend more time going between people for quests that speaking to them sometimes - but maybe that's just because I haven't unlocked flying yet.

A bug that I've noticed in my game, is that the fox, polar bear and shiba all run back to the cafe as soon as I stop riding them.

if theyre set to Cafe instead of Party they will always instantly go back to Cafe when u get off them

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This is great game! Really enjoyed it! ^_^

Will this get updated? I wanna buy it! :D

it got updateeeeeeeed! 

bought :)

Just saw this on my friend's stream and I'm so happy people make games like this. >^.^<


Does the itch version come with a steam key?


Mine did not.


Thank you for the reply!

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