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Hey I really love this game but it seems that it has been updated a lot on steam and not here. I was wondering if I need to buy the steam version to get updates?


Loved it! Been following the development of the game for a while and it's super cute. Excited to play more and learn about what it's like to live in this sweet little world. 


omg, the art style is the cutest

Calico is 100% adorable - I love the characters and the animals are all so sweet! I'm enjoying the quests and learning everyone's personalities too.

I would appreciate a quick travel mode though, because it feels like I spend more time going between people for quests that speaking to them sometimes - but maybe that's just because I haven't unlocked flying yet.

A bug that I've noticed in my game, is that the fox, polar bear and shiba all run back to the cafe as soon as I stop riding them.

if theyre set to Cafe instead of Party they will always instantly go back to Cafe when u get off them

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This is great game! Really enjoyed it! ^_^

Will this get updated? I wanna buy it! :D

it got updateeeeeeeed! 

bought :)

Just saw this on my friend's stream and I'm so happy people make games like this. >^.^<


Does the itch version come with a steam key?


Mine did not.


Thank you for the reply!

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